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Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday - May 9th

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday to share the top 5 highlights of my week!

NOTE: It is still teaching related, just not very "classroom" specific because I had my last week of college and did not substitute teach very much. 

Now, let's get on with the show!

Job Search
Now that I am officially done with my undergrad classes, I have begun the daunting task of job searching. When my advisors warned that the job search was a full time job in itself, they were not kidding! Morning, noon, and night I am on that computer searching for anything and everything!

Bargain Book Hunting
I rewarded myself with a little bargain book shopping spree at the thrift store for finishing classes. I got just over a foot of books (hardcover and paperback) for $40. Fantastic Scholastic titles in there too! Quite the steal if you ask me! Nothing makes me happier than some new books!

TPT Sale
Did you shop the TPT sale this week? I know I did! Clearly I cannot stay away from a good sale! Clip art, digital papers, etc were my weakness! Then you throw in all those new bundles that just so happened to debut during the sale and you had me at hello!

Hooked on Phonics App
What would I do without Instagram? My friends posted this fabulous steal on Instagram and I hopped right to downloading! My only problem, the iPad didn't have enough room for all the units of books it contained! The app was such an amazing find! I am so thankful that the people at Hooked on Phonics truly appreciate all our hard work.

In Summer
I cannot contain my excitement for this little thing called "Summer"! Every time I think of the warm sunshiny weather, I get just as excited as Olaf! For all you teachers on the single digit countdown, you are some lucky ducks! We still haven't even made it to the alphabet countdown yet!

Well I am off to savor every single minute of the weekend! Not being abruptly woken up at 5am to substitute calls is going to be an absolute dream!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

There's No Way It's Currently May!

There's no way it's Currently May! Seriously, this year has been going by at warp speed! Surely it cannot be just me who feels that way!

Well since yet another month has passed, it is time once again to link up with Farley for her spectacular "Currently" linky party!

I think this might be my favorite design theme so far! Those spring flowers make me smile!

Listening: If you interact with me on Instagram, you might know that I have developed quite the obsession with Grey's Anatomy. These "Fairwell to Cristina" episodes are killing me! It just won't be the same without her!

Loving: GoNoodle! It can be very hard to find "child friendly" brain breaks, especially on YouTube with those inappropriate ads that pop out of nowhere. GoNoodle is seriously a lifesaver! Thanks to the blogging community for sharing this invaluable free resource!

Thinking: It can't possibly be true that I am graduating in a few days! The countdown is on! The nostalgia of childhood is taking over! I have basically been living on 90's Buzzfeed articles. After graduation, it will be full on job searching! Is your district hiring? Let me know!

Wanting: A week of true spring sunshine weather! It has been either freezing cold, rainy, or both at least one day a week for as long as I can remember. Just a week full of 70's and sunshine would be amazing! Those kiddos need to run around and burn some energy to combat their spring fever from being cooped up insider all winter!

Needing: To buy a dress or two for graduation events. In all the craziness of this semester, I have been procrastinating on the small details. With only a few days left to shop, I need to hit the stores this weekend!

Recently, I was introduced to Erica when she commented on my blog. She blogs over at The Blossoming Teacher. She is an aspiring early childhood educator entering the blogging world. She reminds me of myself just last year when I started out. She currently only has 2 followers. I'd love it if you could go shower her with some bloggy love! Thanks a million!

Don't blink! It will be June before you know it! 
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