Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kindergarten Here I Come!

I have been anxiously awaiting the day when I could write this blog post since starting my blog nearly 2 years ago. That special day is finally here! I received my official job letter in the mail and I am so very happy to say that I will be a kindergarten teacher this fall!

Never would I have ever imagined that as a college graduate, in one of the worst economic times, that I would have a public school teaching job and even more, actually have to turn down other job offers! There is nothing more I can say than I am truly blessed! I know that teaching is where I am meant to be and I am so happy to be able to fulfill that childhood dream of mine!

I have so much to do to get prepared in so little time! (Hence the reason I have been quite M.I.A. on my blog lately.) I have been making a long list of all the things I have to prep and I have no idea when I will be able to see what my classroom looks like. 

Leave me a comment below with something I must include in my preparation checklist so I don't leave anything out! Also, if you are a kindergarten teacher, leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can get inspired!

Now I am off to continue my trend of stalking Pinterest and buying from TpT like a mad woman!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Currently July

It's kind of crazy to believe it is July already! Summer just started not even a week ago and here we are in July. When you go to school until the last week of June you kind of feel like your got the short end of the stick.

Nevertheless, I am linking up with Farley once again. This time around I am fashionably late, aka time has no meaning to a teacher on summer vacation.

Listening: My nightly summer TV routine always features Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Have to keep that mind sharp! Don't want the summer slide am I right?

Loving: There is nothing like summer vacation after a long 180 days in the classroom! I am soaking up every minute of sunshine and relaxation!

Thinking: I am hosting this font themed linky party...
I may have downloaded nearly 1,000 fonts after searching through the link up. If you want to find some new fonts or link up, click the picture to join!

Wanting: I posted this picture on Instagram this morning...
That was the total price of all the items on my wish list as of 1pm. The total may have gone up another hundred dollars in a matter of hours. I might have a problem!

Needing: I really think I want to try some Jamberry wraps. I painted my nails and they were chipped literally in a matter of minutes. I would love to start off the new school year with some fancy non-chipping nails! What are your favorite designs?

4th plans: The fireworks and BBQ have been cancelled due to the impending storm. Better safe than sorry! At least they will be rescheduled!

Happy 4th everyone! Hope you enjoy time surrounded by family and friends!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Totally Transformed: Pez Dispensers

This week I am back again with another Monday Made It edition of "Totally Transformed". Last week's project of transforming the Dollar Spot bags was a huge hit! If you missed it, click the picture below to check it out!
On the menu this week: transforming Pez dispensers into CVC sliders. I have been a collector of Pez dispensers since I was a child. I knew there had to be a fun way to transform these childhood favorites into a teaching tool.

Student teaching in kindergarten, a HUGE focus of the year was with CVC words. We used "Stretchy the Snake" a lot in the classroom! However, envelopes and pencil boxes can only hold the attention of a 5 year old for so long. By adding in simple character faces on a Pez dispenser, children will be instantly engaged! For example, if you have a child who loves Star Wars? No problem! Grab a Darth Vader Pez dispenser and you are golden!

Let's see the breakdown...

This project was as simple as adding two pieces of tape and writing three letters on each side. By adding the piece of tape, you have a teaching tool that can be used over and over again! However, if you don't plan on reusing these, you can skip that step and write directly on the Pez dispenser. This was seriously one of the easiest projects I have ever done! Gotta love 5 minute DIY's!


While you are here, I also "made" a linky party called "Font-astic Favorites". It's perfect for all you font obsessed teachers out there! If you have a chance, I would love for you to link up! Click the picture below to join in on the fun!

See you next week when I tackle another everyday object and turn it into a teaching treasure!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Font-astic Favorites Tag

Have you caught the font fever???

Everyone seems to be font obsessed lately! Font lists are all over Pinterest and people are even devoting an entire binder to their font collection. In order to help spread the font wealth, I thought we could play a fun little font tag. 

Simply use the names of your favorite fonts to answer your favorite thing for each category. You can play it any way you wish. You can answer the questions as seriously as you want, or be as funny as possible. The choice is all yours as it is all for fun! 

Just use the template below, fill it in, and upload it to your blog. Then come back and link your blog post up. Once you are done, tag 3 friends to play along! Hopefully in the process you will find some new blogging friends and download a few more fonts! Just be sure you check the TOU for each font you download! 

Let's get this party started! 

Here are my Font-astic Favorites! 

Grab your template to get started! Just right click and save-as! I edited mine in PPT just like I do with Farley's Currently slides.

Background by Sonya Dehart
Doodle Frame and Divider by Mad Clips Factory

Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Made It - Totally Transformed

Welcome back to another Monday Made It hosted by the lovely Tara at 4th Grade Frolics!

This week I am kicking off a new series of Monday Made It posts on my blog:
Totally Transformed
Hopefully it will be the solution to end my craft fails! During this series, I am going to take an everyday object and totally transform it into something new. 

For today's transformation I turned to my trusty sidekick: Pinterest. While it might be summer, teacher's never turn off their school brain. After seeing these on Pinterest...

I knew I just had to make some fancy new wall art for the classroom! If you are like me, you fall in love with wall art at places like Hobby Lobby only to discover it costs upwards of $30 for a single canvas. Have no fear, I am here to show you a much cheaper way to get top notch wall art! For the final product, each canvas cost under $1.50 to make after using coupons. 

Let's take a look at the break down:

Feel free to pin any of my Monday Made It creations on Pinterest that you might like to tackle in the future! We all know it is where most of my crafting ideas come from!

The process to turn these canvas bags into wall art takes just a few simple steps. If you are a teacher hoarder and Target fanatic like myself, odds are you will have all these things at your disposal.

To make six of these bags it took less than an hour. My favorite part, there was no wait time for things to dry like with other crafting projects. It was as easy as cut, tack, hang. The even have the strap already attached so they can easily be hung on the wall. Here are the final products in all their glory...

As you can see, I had a newer (2014) and older (2013) version of each bag. I know I have the original (2012) bags from the Pinterest page if I dig through my closet hard enough. I have been diligently collecting these bags at Target. I always buy at least 2 of each bag when I go to the Dollar Spot because I never know when I might need more than one and they are always sold out. Good thing I bought duplicates because now I have beautiful wall art and bags to use in the classroom. I cannot wait until the new set of bags come out so I can continue to add to my collection!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Thanks to Fancy Frugal Life for the inspiration for this project! See you next week when I tackle another Totally Transformed project!
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