Monday, October 14, 2013

24 Days...

24 Days...

576 Hours...

525,600 minutes...

Oh. I'm sorry. Wrong length of time, but such a catchy song!

It's been a whopping 24 days since I last blogged. 
Can you believe it? I know I can't!
As a child the 24 days leading up til Christmas seemed like an eternity.
These past 24 days have flown by in the blink of an eye.
However, catching up on my blog stalking has taken an eternity! I don't like to miss out on anything! I mean could you imagine missing out on a fabulous freebie? I read back all the way to my last read post which can include over a week of missed posts at a time! Time consuming? Yes! Worth every minute? Definitely!

Seeing as I have been M.I.A in the blogging world, I have oh so much to catch you up on! I could wait for a Five for Friday to share but...
1. On Friday afternoons I basically come home and fall asleep within minutes of walking in the door.
2. I have way more than 5 things to share with you! 
3. I am a serious procrastinator and blogging is way more fun than lesson planning!

Let's get this show on the road! Here's what I have been up to these past 3 weeks!

I have met a retired teacher who has taken me under her wing. This picture shows an entire trash bag filled with materials and lesson plans that she has donated to me. She is seriously the most generous woman around! It just goes to show how amazing teachers are! 

As you all know, I have a slight major book obsession. This is a foot tall pile of books that I bought during a half off book sale. I couldn't pass up this amazing deal! I headed right over after school and bought the place out! I swear the people at the store see me coming and run! 

Piles and piles of work! Student work, my work, everyone's work! Grading, assessment, never ending stars and smiley faces! I need to really take a weekend and get it all organized! Have any organization tips that really work for you?

Seriously though, do you ever have enough ink? I need a second job just to pay for ink! Teacher's should have a huge discount in the ink department for all that we go through printing those centers! Without printing in color the adorable clip art just isn't the same! Teacher problems! 

We cannot get enough of Schooltube! It finds its way into every aspect of our day from the start of our day til we walk out the door! Some of our favorites are of course Vowel Bat and Let's Get Fit (Counting by 1's to 100!). The boys especially eat it up! The dance moves in K are out of control!

We wrapped up our apple week by making applesauce! It made our room smell fabulous! Are you sure we can't make applesauce every day? It was hysterical to watch the children taste it. Some children were in love and licked every inch of the bowl clean. Others just took one teensy tiny bite and were disgusted. The parents were amazing in helping out the the experience! It was such a fun day all around! 

In the wise words of Mr. Greg, it's a good day in kindergarten if there is a mess! Messy=success. By the looks of this picture, we had a very successful day in kindergarten! I love watching children do art projects. Their creativity and originality really shines through! Can't wait to see what is in store next! 

Pretend pearls and fancy ball gowns are all the rage in kindergarten! I feel so under-dressed! I love seeing what the kids come into school wearing each day. They are mini fashionistas! We have quite a few Fancy Nancy's in our class! I can only imagine what is to come next!

Has the Rainbow Loom craze hit your school? Well it sure has at mine! I may or may not have even jumped on the bandwagon myself! Here is my ever growing collection of bracelets that I have been gifted. I am pretty much in with the cool older elementary kids when I wear these!

10. I have been designing my nails with the theme each week and the kids have been loving it! Here's what I have in store this week!

Now, I am not that talented. However, I think I can muster up some tiny little dots with 8 (not 6 like in the picture) scraggly legs to celebrate!

I have all my nail art tools ready to go! 

If they turn out adorable, stay tuned to see them on instagram! If not (and it's probably going to end up a not) I'm sure you will be hearing about the nail fail! Oooh that sounds like a fun new series to my Monday Made It craft fails! Trust me, I nail fail all the time! At least the kiddos always think you are fabulous regardless of your artistic ability right?

Well, I could go on and on but I figure I should spare you the agony of reading a 600 page novel on a school night! Let's just sum it up in three things: I have never been so tired, I have never been so stressed, but I have never been so incredibly happy in my life! These kiddos are so adorable and funny! I can't wait to get back to school tomorrow and see those precious gap tooth smiles again! 

Have a wonderful week! I promise will try my hardest to write again in under 24 days! Toodles!

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