Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What Will I Do Differently? {Linky Party}

I found a fun linky party hosted by Kim at Joy In 6th. 
It's her first ever linky party and it sure is a great one!

The theme is all about reflection and what will you do differently next year. This is a very important area to focus on and I am so glad I stumbled upon this linky. 

Here is my list of changes I plan on making next year...

First and foremost. Organization is a down fall of mine. I get all the necessary supplies to be organized, and have every intention of being organized. However, by the end of the first week, every organizational technique I implemented is long forgotten. I can honestly say I have never used a planner an entire year in my life. It is usually gone before September even ends. This fall, however, I am determined to make a change. I made a huge investment in organization today. I knew that the ugly old green teacher planner would not make me want to stay organized on lesson planning. Yet, this fall keeping track of the planning will be critical. I splurged on an Erin Condren teacher planner today hoping that the adorable quotes and bright cheery colors will make this planner last. I have to make every last cent that I spent on this planner count! I will be sure to keep you all updated on this come September!

This year I got to see in action just how much more meaningful a lesson is for children when it is tailored to their interests. I plan on taking more cues from their interests and adapting my plans to still meet the curriculum yet make it a lesson they will never forget! 

I have been creating lessons with the CCSS my entire college experience. However, it has been at surface level. I am planning on really digging deeper into the Common Core and making the most out of it. In addition, assessment will be key to keep track of progress. I plan on tackling this challenge head on and really using the results in a meaningful way.

This is an area that I have really been trying to work on. These children blow me away each day with the knowledge they possess. They are very capable of much more higher thinking than I was giving them credit for and I plan on incorporating this with every chance I get. 

This fall will be my first real deal all day every day hands on experience in the classroom. While I will be very busy, I want to soak up every last second. I want to make the most of the entire year and have fun in the classroom. It can be a very stressful experience but I want to really enjoy the experience because it is sure to be one I will never forget! 

Well that's it folks! A list that I am determined to abide by next year. What changes do you plan on making next year? Be sure to link up and share! Thanks so much for hosting Kim!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Summer Bucket List Linky Party

Now that I am finally on Summer vacation, I can start thinking about all those grand Summer plans that may or may not actually get accomplished. Obviously, Miss Kindergarten, A Cupcake for the Teacher, and A Modern Teacher read my mind and created a Summer Bucket List linky party.

(Is this not the most adorable graphic ever? So cute!)

I am going to try and keep this bucket list short and sweet in hopes of actually accomplishing these things.

1. I without a doubt must organize my books into bins by theme. I have them all inventoried and categorized into themes but I need to actually take them from the multiple locations around the house and actually sort them into theme buckets so I know where to find a book when I need it in the fall. Dollar store book bins here I come!

This will be a huge undertaking but this is the number one task that MUST be completed by the end of Summer! No exceptions! You all better hold me to it!

2. Last summer it was all about the teacher toolbox! I was obsessed with those things and finally made one of my own. It made life a million times easier! Thank goodness for Pinterest! Now I have these three DIY creations on my to do list. The Grab n' Go dice, Where Are We board, and Scrapbook Clipboard.

They seem easy enough that they may just get done!

3. Have fun at the Taylor Swift concert. This year I managed to get floor seats which I am very excited about! This will be my 3rd year going to her concerts and they always are a blast! Here is a picture of her Speak Now concert. The concert decorations are always beautiful!
I have seen pictures and heard from other bloggers who went to her Red Tour already and it they all had a great time. I am looking forward to the concert more than ever now!

4. Hopefully travel off the East Coast for the first time in my life!
I'm willing to go a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e! I've seen so much of the East Coast and I just want to see a different part of the U.S. Keeping my fingers crossed this will happen in August right before I start Student Teaching!

5. Just enjoying my last summer of sleeping in past sunrise! 
I will savor every last minute of sleep I can get! I now know just how precious that sleep is and won't take it for granted again!

If all these things get accomplished, it will be the best summer yet! 

Head on over and link up your Summer bucket list plans too!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Five for Friday - Kindergarten Edition

Oh my goodness! I don't know how you do it! I seriously have to bow down to you all for doing this whole waking up early and going to school all day routine. Then when you add in blogging, creating TPT products and all that jazz, you are super teachers! I seriously couldn't be any more exhausted from being in the classroom all day every day! After the first day, I fell asleep on the couch watching TV at 6pm. Definitely not too early for a bed time anymore in my book!

Here is a recap of my very busy but very fun week spent in Kindergarten (pictures finally included!)

Thanks for hosting once again Kacey! I have been looking forward to it all week! 
1. Field trips are definitely one of the most tiring experiences ever! None of those kids wanted to nap on the bus ride home but I sure did! Highlight of the trip: watching the elephants get bathed!

2. Hatching chicks is by far the class favorite Springtime activity! When they get back after the long weekend, there should be hatching going on! So sad I won't be there to see them hatch!

3. Practicing our sight words from our sight word sticker books! This is such a wonderful activity for the children and they work so hard to master those words!

4. This tens frame paddle seriously changed my life. If you don't have it yet, stop what you are doing and immediately order it. You won't know what you ever did without it! 

5. Good byes are always the hardest part! I just fell in love with the sweet little kinders that I worked with! I will miss them so much! I can't wait to see them again in September when they are big 1st graders! 

I truly had the best time in kindergarten with both the kiddos and my cooperating teacher! I cannot wait until September for student teaching. It is going to be the most exhausting but for sure the best experience of my life!

Have a wonderful long weekend! I know I am going to try and recover from this supreme exhaustion and get some much needed rest! It's already way past my bedtime!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday - Center Recap

I'm back in action this week and managed to link up on time AND with pictures! 

This week was a busy busy week! It was all about the final exams! However, I finished them all and now am officially a senior! Where the heck did the time go? College seriously goes by in a blink of an eye!

I won't bore you with piles of index cards and ten page study guides from this week. Instead, I will give you a photo recap of fun centers from this semester! Enjoy!

Thanks for hosting again Kacey! This is such a great linky pary!

1. This fun flower craft was a HUGE hit!
2. Fractions made fun through a game!
3. Who doesn't love spelling with magnet letters?
4. I have never seen a center as popular as these missing hundred's chart chunks.
5. Fun Friday Popsicle stick creations!

Well there you have it folks! Enjoy your weekend! Happy Friday!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Currently, Five For Friday

So as always, I am late to the party. This week has been a busy busy one! This post will be very short and sweet. Enjoy! 

Thanks for hosting this fabulous party each Month Farley! I love the reflection it brings! 

(Click on my currently image to head over and check out everyone else who linked up!)

Listening: Ellen reruns are just the best! She never fails to make me laugh and have a better day all around.

Loving: Spring has finally sprung! The weather has been gorgeous lately! The fact that I no longer need to wear a coat each and every day is wonderful!

Thinking: Since when did I finish my junior year of classes? You blink and another year is over. It's crazy!

Wanting: This next week needs to hurry up and be over. Four finals stand in the way of me getting to work with my cooperating teacher. Bring it on!

Needing: There just aren't enough hours in the day. It seems like when I finally get finished with everything in the day it's time to go to bed. I could use a few more hours just to be able to relax.

Summer Bucket List:
1. Prep for student teaching is a must! I need to organize my books, organize all the random things I bought over this past year, and just get ready to be in the classroom full time! 
2. I am hoping to go on a road trip this summer. I am dying to travel and take some great pictures!
3. Student teaching is going to be a big adjustment. I am going to have to be up earlier than ever. This summer I am going to just enjoy my last few weeks of sleeping in!

Here's my Five for Friday for this week! Thanks for hosting again Kacey! Maybe one of these weeks this summer I will link up on time again with pictures! 

1. This week I met my cooperating teacher for the first time. I just know it's going to be fabulous experience! I can't wait for next year! She has so many amazing ideas! Her classroom is so much fun! And she uses so many products that come from you fabulous bloggers! Can't wait!

2. Yesterday I finished my junior year of classes. These were essentially my last actual classes ever in college. Crazy! Where did the time go? Yikes!

3. This week I had to say good bye to the classroom I have been working in all year. Those little kiddos were so cute. I am going to miss them like crazy! I only saw them for 2 hours a week. I don't even want to think about having to say goodbye to the kiddos in the class I student teach in next fall. I'm going to be a hot mess!

4. Finished my work study job on campus. I have worked in the same office for three years. They have been so helpful and flexible with my education journey. I went to an end of the year BBQ yesterday and they surprised me with a $20 gift card to the to use for lessons for next year. I just love them!

5. Off to go car shopping today. I have been obsessively searching for cars online for a while. Now I'm off to see some in person. We will see how that one goes! Hoping to find something ASAP! 

Head on over to link up and share about your week! 

Thanks for hosting ladies! Enjoy your weekend! Hope it is very relaxing!

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