Wednesday, July 31, 2013

E is for... {Giveaway Day 5}

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If you are just joining, welcome! Here are links to the previous four fabulous days of giveaways!
 Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
Day 4

Today's giveaway will get you all set for back to school in style! Enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Come back tomorrow for another chance to win prizes from more of your favorite bloggers!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

D is for... {Giveaway Day 4}

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If you thought the past 3 days had big prizes, oh boy!
 Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
Today is going to knock your socks off! 3 giveaways means 3 winners which means more chances to win big!

I told you it was fabulous today! Can't wait to see the lucky and very happy winners! See you tomorrow! Same time, same place!

Monday, July 29, 2013

C is for... {Giveaway Day 3}

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Day 1 and Day 2 were quite fun, but day 3 is even better! There are 2 giveaway packs today: 1 for teaching resources, and 1 for clip art so you can get creative!

First up, teaching resources!

Enter on the rafflecopter below. Doesn't everyone love a winner's choice?

Finally, some good old clip art!

If you win this pack there is so much inspiration for fabulous creations! Someone is going to be one very lucky winner!

Be back tomorrow for some bigger and better prizes to win! Trust me, tomorrow is a day you won't want to miss!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

B is for... {Giveaway Day 2}

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Did you all have as much fun during as I did yesterday? If you missed out on the big giveaway kickoff, you can click HERE to check it out!

Well, it's time for 6 more brilliant prizes for day 2! Aren't you all lucky!

Once again, you can enter below on the rafflecopter! The more blogs you follow, the more you can win!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow when there will be 2 prize packs up for grabs: 1 for teacher resources and 1 for clip art! Ooh la la!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A is for... {Giveaway Day 1}

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Here it is! Giveaway kick off time! Check out what is up for grabs today from these 6 amazing ladies! Be sure to show these bloggers some love as none of this would be possible without them!

Enter using the rafflecopter below. Enter as few or as many times as you wish! However, the more entries you complete, the higher the odds are you will win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering! Come back tomorrow for another chance at some fabulous prizes featuring more of your favorite bloggers and clip artists that start with the letter B!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bloggy Birthday Alphapalooza! {26 days of giveaways}

I have had a huge, and I mean HUGE, celebration in the works for a while now! I am so excited to finally reveal the news on my blog! Drum roll please...

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Alphabet Blocks by Sonya Dehart

I am celebrating 1 year of blogging August 21st and if I was going to celebrate, I was going to go all out for it! Just one day, or even one week wouldn't be enough to thank you all! As a result, there will be 26 days of giveaways! Yup you read that right! 26 days of giveaways: 1 day for each letter of the alphabet. 

The blogging community that has been so unbelievably welcoming to me has come out in full force to help celebrate! Each day will feature prizes from bloggers and clip artists whose name starts with that letter. Over 125 people have generously donated prizes that you can win! One day there might be 1 prize up for grabs and the next there might be 10! You never know what you are going to find! You will just have to check in each day to see! But don't worry if you miss a day! Each giveaway will run for 7 days so you have a week to catch up if you are a lucky duck on vacation for example!

Here's a sneak peek of one of the prizes up for grabs tomorrow to kick off the celebration! 

I promise this is one birthday celebration you and your friends are not going to want to miss! Come back tomorrow to kick off the celebration and enter to win some fabulous prizes! I hope you see you there! Be sure to tell your friends! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

Fabulous in First is hosting my new favorite linky party! I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on the little button's polka dots and adorable chef!

This linky party is perfect for me because it is so random and basically requires no substance whatsoever! I mean, how much substance can you post about when you lounge in your PJ's until mid-afternoon? See what I mean?

Here is a little recap of what I have been up to this week...

In case you didn't know, there is no "Summer" in commercial America anymore. All the stores went "back to school" only one week after the kids have been on vacation. Now, if you are a school supply addict like me, this isn't a problem! You find delight in that sweet smell of new Crayola crayons! Just check out the stash that I grabbed this week! I spent $60 in the Dollar Spot alone! Whoops!

However, for children just starting their vacation, not so much! No wonder why they dread going back to school because they don't get to truly soak up vacation! And just in case you think they have rushed time with back to school, Hobby Lobby has had Christmas decorations out since June. Crazy talk! I am going to soak in every last minute of Summer vacation that I can muster! I am not looking forward to those 5am wake up calls! Yikes! 

Next, I got on a yard sale kick and went to 5 yard sales on Saturday. I managed to get over 100 books ranging in price from 10 cents to 50 cents. I even managed to snag 2 paper ream boxes full of free goodies that were left over after the yard sale ended! Some highlights: 3 MP3 players and 5 school supply caddies! Score!

My favorite find of the day however, was an adorable bookcase! 

This is not the one I own, but an image from a furniture store that sells the bookcase. How much does it retail online? $105. How much did I get it for? $5! I love yard sales! It definitely needs a coat of paint to match my color scheme, but that makes it the perfect project for a future Monday Made It!

Speaking of Monday Made It, I honestly did not even think of crafting this week. I seriously am a crafting slacker! You can definitely be crying yourself to sleep tonight because I can guarantee you there won't be a Monday Made It post tomorrow. You are just going to have to wait another week, month, or year to see what I end up creating with those paint stirrers!

I have been having loads of computer trouble again! What else is new? My portable hard drive is no longer working so my things haven't backed up in over a month. What has come to the rescue?
 If you don't have Dropbox, click HERE or the picture above and join today! It will save your life! You can back up those most precious items like your TPT files and clip art! And did I mention it's free? Yup! Join today!

What I have been busy busy busy doing this week is planning for my blog's birthday! I cannot believe that next month I will have been blogging for a year! Boy does time fly! I have a huge celebration planned that you will just have to wait to see! Here is a sneak peek to get you excited! 

Finally, I am not sure how I am going to survive the week! Why you might ask?

I am having some serious FOMO about the I Teach K conference! I thought it was bad last year reading about all the fun at the conference! This year there is no comparison! I want to go to the blogger meet up and amazing presentations like nobody's business! Add in my new instagram obsession and I will be receiving minute to minute updates of all the fun my friends are having without me! Next year, I need to be there! I don't think I can survive another year without attending! What about you, are you experiencing some FOMO too?

Thanks for hosting his fabulously fun party Michelle! Same time same place next week? Can't wait!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten Pin Linky {Science & SS}

I might have missed last week's Ten Pin but I am back in action for this one! Leave it to the linky parties to keep me blogging this Summer!

Ashley at Just Reed combined Science and Social Studies and I am glad she did! I am seriously lacking in these subjects on my Pinterest boards! I'm hoping this linky will help beef them up! Be sure to leave me links to your science and social studies boards below so I can follow for more inspiration! 

Here are my top 10 Science and Social Studies pins! 

My top 5 science pins from my spectacular science pinboard

1. I am obsessed with this nature table! What a perfect way to bring nature into the classroom and inspire budding scientists! 
 Source cannot be found. Let me know if it is yours so I can credit! 

2. Mr. Potato Head senses. I love the idea of using Mr. Potato Head to teach the senses! This craft goes great with playing with the actual toy to learn senses! 
Source cannot be found. Let me know if it is yours so I can credit! 

3. Dancing Oobleck to teach sound waves! This was one of the coolest things I have ever seen! It is a must do in the classroom! Your kiddos will be amazed! 

4. Scientist bulletin board. I love driving home the fact that even the youngest of children are true scientists. This bulletin board is just an adorable way to do so! 

5. This steps the traditional celery trick up 10 notches! Look how amazing the colors are on this Napa cabbage! Can't wait to try it out in the Spring! 

My top 5 social studies pins from my superb social studies pinboard!

1. Teaching diversity using eggs. Such a genius idea that is effective for conveying this important message to the youngest of children!

2. Classroom timeline in pictures. This is such a smart idea to document important events in the classroom. This will definitely be making an appearance in my future classroom! 

3. Creating a community wall mural. I love this idea! One of the first units we do is our neighborhood. This would be the perfect addition to the unit! I know the children would have fun with it as they love anything involving art! 

4. Personalized guess who! The possibilities are endless! I could see it being perfect using the historical figures from a 5th grade wax museum. It would be great to use to introduce the faculty at your school. You could use it for all the children in the classroom to get to know each other. Love this one! 

5. I am all about free! I have so many collected paint samples that I wasn't sure what to do with them. Well now I am! These thankful turkeys are too cute for words! Love how simple and low prep they are!

Well there you have it! A small collection of some of my favorite science and social studies pins! I'm off to find some more fabulous pins out there and get those pin boards growing! 
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