Friday, February 14, 2014

Five For Friday #BeMyValentine

Linking up for a Five for Friday...
-on an actual Friday
-that is a holiday
-of a long weekend

Everything will be captioned with hashtags because it is quick and long posts...ain't nobody got time for that! 

Kacey, I don't know how you manage to make this linky happen week in an week out when I can barely remember to link up on a Sunday half of the time! 



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See you next Friday! 
Who am I kidding, probably not.
Sunday it is!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Currently February

Although I spent the past 2 days in denial, it is indeed February. I am on the countdown to graduation. It's getting really real y'all! 

Thanks for keeping my on track with this posting business Farley! I love these monthly reflections! This graphic is as cute as ever!

Or should I say half listening... I am not a football fan so the Super Bowl isn't really for me. I do like to watch commercials and I have to say I was very disappointed. There weren't really any commercials that were worth $4 million for 30 seconds in my opinion. The only one I loved was the Best Buds puppy and horse one. That was precious! Otherwise, I could think of a million other uses for that money but that's neither here nor there.

Scandal!!! It comes back in just 25 days (not that I'm counting or anything). I can't wait to see what is in store for Olivia Pope & Associates! I'm sure my IG friends will agree!

So.Much.Food! When you don't watch the game, you tend to frequent the snack table a lot. I definitely frequented that table a little too often and I stuffed beyond belief! I blame Pinterest for all those delicious recipes that you just can't turn away!

A full week of subbing combined with classes til 9pm is a deadly combo. This week can't get over fast enough! I'm living for Friday!

So standing on my feed all day every day for months has finally caught up with me. My back and neck are in pain and I think a good old spa day is just what the doctor ordered!

1 Truths and a Fib: 
I kinda hate this game. I am so bad at lying! It is too much pressure! 

Starbucks: Fib! I have never had a drink from Starbucks before and I don't plan to any time soon! 

Fuzzy Socks: I live in fuzzy socks! My house is constantly freezing and fuzzy socks make everything better!

90's Boy Bands: Kind of obsessed! 90's boy band music makes the commute to work a million times better!

Early to bed, early to rise, except if you are me and you always want to sleep in! 
My laptop is dying though so I will head off to bed now! 

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