Wednesday, December 24, 2014

14 in 14

It is so crazy to think this will be my 3rd post linking up with these fabulous ladies. I did 12 in 12 when I just started this little blog of mine and was far from a classroom of my own. 13 in 13 was a post highlighting all my student teaching experiences. And now, for 14 in 14 I have a classroom of my very own. It is so nice to be able to look back over the years and see how far life as taken me all accounted for on this blog!

In keeping with the trend, here are 14 memories from the craziest year of my life so far!
I was obsessed with any and every pair of patterned pants this year. It really brightened up my wardrobe and made fashion fun!
I loved the book and I surely wasn't disappointed by the movie! I can't wait until Insurgent comes out next year!
It's impossible to pick just one! Shondaland represent! Best night on TV! Can't wait for January!
 Red Robin always and forever!

This year I tried to get all fancy and try some of the cooking techniques I learned watching Food Network. I now actually know what quinoa and aioli are so why not try using them? Turns out, those experts really know what they are talking about! My cooking is next level now!
My favorite gift I received this year was definitely time to spend with my grandmother. After her hospital scare I am more fortunate than ever to be able to continue to make a lifetime of memories with her.
Decorate a bulletin board once and just keep switching out the work. It has saved me countless hours this year!
My totally transformed series this summer was my favorite! I love how these DIY canvas art pieces turned out! So simple and so effective! They look adorable in the classroom!
Naturally my favorite accomplishment of the year was getting hired for my first teaching job right out of college! With the outlook on jobs looking so grim I cannot count my blessings enough!

We went on vacation this summer and I fell in love with the gorgeous scenery. Sometimes you have to stop and really take it in because you forget just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful world.

My favorite memory this year was graduation. It may have lasted for such a short period of time but it was definitely such a fantastic day surrounded by family and friends. As much as I would love to go back and re-live the moment for one more day, I am so content with where life has taken me thus far.

For blogging it is simply to blog more. This year started out great and once October hit things got crazy at school and I didn't blog for 2 months. 

For my teaching, it is to let the kids teach me something each day. The moments when I let the children guide the conversation and propose new ideas is really when the magic happens.

For life in general, it is to remain present. So often I find myself entranced with technology that I forget to pay attention to the little things that pass me by.

In the digital age, so often am I searching for the next greatest thing to take part in. I search for hours on Pinterest to find the latest and greatest teaching idea. I am constantly trying to mix and match different ideas to maximize my time. For 2015 I want to take the time to slow down with life and simplify. I don't need to constantly be creating new ideas every night. I don't need to be constantly rearranging things and seeking out new ideas for methods that have worked fine for years. By simplifying life I can lessen my stress and really soak in the precious moments with family. Simplify speaks volumes to me this year. What's your one little word?
Have a very merry Christmas and soak up every last second you can with your family! See you in 2015!
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