Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Show Us What You Bought

Let me break this down for you...

First year teacher + 28% off = excessive TpT spending!

I am not ashamed to admit that I went extremely overboard during this sale. Annnnd, I was only truly purchasing for up to November since I am already anticipating what I will buy during the Cyber Monday sale when the paychecks start rolling in. 

Things I told myself to sleep at night:
1. I had a gift certificate.
2. I used soooo many TpT credits for extra savings.
3. I did set a limit and did not break it. Victory! 
4. Everything can be re-used year after year.
5. It's for the children!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to show you all what I bought.
 Note: All glitter frames are courtesy of Glitter Meets Glue Designs.


I was very strategic in my purchasing aiming for the most bang for my buck. I also wanted to cover every aspect of teaching from morning work to classroom management. I think I was pretty successful!

Here are the 22 things that I ended up with broken up into categories...

First up: The Printable Princess. If you are a kindergarten teacher you eat, sleep and breathe The Printable Princess! I totally splurged on her center activities and this portion packed the heftiest price tag. However, I have up until December completely covered with phenomenal hands on activities that the kids will love and as a first year teacher, that is more than I could ask for! 

Next, I purchased a few more colored ink centers that would last me year round. I loved the alphabet bundle because it had everything you could dream for and more for each letter of the alphabet. One of my absolute favorite centers to have in kindergarten is Write the Room because it keeps kids moving. I wanted a year long bundle so I couldn't have to search for different themed cards and this was by far the best deal of all. The cards are so colorful and the coordinating worksheets are so user-friendly. I know this will be a fan favorite! Finally, I purchased the holiday and seasonal literacy centers bundle. I could not turn down this bundle no matter how much my wallet tried to stop it. These centers are a one stop shop that has the entire year covered!

Seeing as I already ran out of colored ink mid way through printing my first pack, I knew black and white printables were the way to go. These printables will last me an entire year and have all my morning work, math and literacy centers covered. I am all about making life easier as a first year teacher and these ladies are making that possible!

I have been planning my first classroom for as long as I can remember. Now, through social media sites, organization and classroom decor has been kicked into high gear. These packs have me covered from everything I need to decorate my classroom as well as staying organized through binders, storage drawers, and posting the CCSS around the room. I cannot wait to see these in action in the classroom! It is going to be so bright and cheery!

Finally, what classroom would be complete without a little management and assessment action? I am officially obsessed with these Keys to Success. I know the kiddos are going to love collecting these tags and they will be great to communicate success with parents. Since my time is going to be so limited in half-day k, I need to make sure that those brains are always learning. These fast finisher sets will be a lifesaver! Finally, I want to check in and see how my kids are feeling with concept mastery. This road trip themed set provides the perfect visuals and is so kid friendly. I know it will be a hit in the classroom and help keep me informed as to who needs extra help.

It has literally taken me all my willpower to stay off the computer today because I know I could easily go buy 20 more things in a heartbeat. How many more days until the Cyber Monday sale because clearly I am counting down the seconds!


  1. I love Write the Rooms!!! You will love!!

  2. Thank you for posting this!! I'm loading up my cart as we speak, and I feel like half the things I'm getting are on your list!!

    Mr. First Grade

  3. I wish TPT existed during my first years! Great buys!

  4. Good luck your first year! TPT has been an amazing help for my classroom!



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