Thursday, October 2, 2014

How Did It Get To Be Currently October?

This whole time passing crazy fast thing has got to stop! It feels like we just started school yesterday and here we are already in the holiday countdown craze! I have been feeling extra reflective lately and I created a little linky party reflecting on my favorites of the previous month. I'd love it if you linked up too! Click the picture below to check it out!

Farley never disappoints! This October currently is cuter than ever! Here is how my October is starting off so far...Stay tuned for a special treat at the end!

The first two go hand in hand. Thursday nights are the best! I can thank my IG buddies for getting me hooked on Shonda shows! This new one has totally got me captivated! I think it might be my favorite yet! 

I have never gotten the chance to plan for all these fun themed events but I am having a blast! It makes learning so much more engaging and provides an endless supply of memories! I know the kids will love what I have in store for next week thanks to some amazing teachers! 

Is it just me or has the kid's crazy level been turned up to high power this week? We changed the calendar to October and boom: instant crazy! It's like they can already sense the sugar coursing through their veins! Thank goodness Halloween falls on a Friday this year!

Organization has been my main goal this year. I am determined to have a system in place for everything. If only I had a personal assistant who could do all the dirty work for me and I could just walk in and everything would magically be in its place! There is just not enough time in the day to stay on top of the paperwork and I refuse to stay at school until 7pm every night! 

Finally, here is a little treat for you all. It's a flashback freebie that many of you might not have had a chance to see before. You can enjoy these Halloween ten frame posters than help meet those CCSS!

Made it in the top 100 on the Currently! Nailed it!


  1. OHHH My Goodness! What is that font? I love it! I totally love the Shondra Rhimes' shows. The newest one is already set to a series record. The teenagers and I are in jammies on the couch ready to watch!

  2. Didn't know fire safety was next week... Thats good to know. I need to find some activites to do with the kiddos! I teach prek so i know about that extra energy!! Have a great night!

  3. Never heard of the Shondra Rhime's shows sounds interesting. Way to go on getting into the top 100 currently. My goal was to post for last month's currently and never made it at all so feeling good I made it this month Totally agree about kiddos being crazy lately. Hoping it's a weather change and they will settle out soon. ilive2learnilove2grow 


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