Sunday, August 26, 2012


Alright so today I had planned to give you all my first freebie. I thought I was all set but it appears that I am not. I am trying to make a secure PDF on Adobe Reader so people can't copy the graphics I used. When I go to properties there isn't an option to change the settings from allow copying to don't allow copying. If anyone knows how to make a file secured I would greatly appreciate it. I am using a Mac and I don't know if that makes a difference. I really want to give you guys this freebie so any help would be amazing! Thanks!


  1. Hi Ash! Did you create the document in Word or PowerPoint...? If so, go to File, Print. On the bottom left of the print screen will be a PDF button. Click it and choose "Save as PDF." Hope this helps! :-)

  2. Hi Sandy! Thanks for responding! I did create it as a PDF which I thought was all set to go. But when I opened it up in Adobe reader just to check, if you clicked on an image it highlighted it in blue and you could copy the image and then paste it in another document. I have seen previous downloads that say the document's name and SECURED at the top of the file when you open. I just don't want to break the TOU of the graphics by allowing this to happen.


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