Friday, April 25, 2014

Five for Friday - Easter/Vacation Edition

For all of you that are long gone with your spring break and are counting down to the last day, I am very jealous! We are still going strong right til what seems like the middle of summer around here! However, I was lucky enough that Easter and spring break coincided so I got an extra day out of it! Usually they take away a day by having the break fall the week leading up to Easter so we miss out on the extra day of Good Friday. This year it was the week after Easter and boy was that extra 24 hours crucial to my survival!

For your viewing pleasure, here is a little re-cap of my Easter and vacation week.


1. Pete the Cat Easter Egg Hunt! 
I know this is from last week but we all know I haven't linked up to this party the entire month of April! Pete led us on an Easter Egg Hunt after reading his new Easter book. Fun times all around!

2. Easter Cupcakes!
 These cupcakes took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to make but they were well worth it in the end! Everyone loved how pretty they looked! Pinterest has really upped the holiday dessert competition level!

3. 3M Cloud Library!
Not sure if your town/state library has the 3M Cloud Reader but it is worth checking out! I have spent a good chunk of time reading on my iPad. This app is a dream! Who doesn't love reading free e-books! I have tried other apps but have always had to wait to check out the books and this has multiple copies of the most popular books ready to go without the extensive holds! 

4. Graduation 2014! 
I might be living in denial that I only have one week of classes left til graduation! Seriously where has the time gone! When you have a cap and gown ready to go, it just got real!

5. Random Acts of Kindness!
A stranger left a daffodil on my windshield today and it was the smallest random act of kindness that made a world of difference brightening my day. I can't wait to pay it forward this weekend!

I am off to enjoy my Friday night and hope you do the same!

Thanks to Kacey for hosting as always!


  1. AH! I love Pete the Cat! Good luck getting through to the end of the year- power it out!



  2. I love Pete the Cat too! Your Easter cupcakes look too good to eat! They're beautiful :o)

    Munchkins Inc


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