Thursday, April 16, 2015


Two simple lines. It's strange to think those two little lines can hold so much meaning in life. Pause. Take a break. Pause. Temporary rest. Pause.

You see them all around you: when using your TV remote, when watching a YouTube video, when listening to a voicemail, or when playing a video game.

Right after the new year, I had to take a pause from blogging and my social media. I got a new student with severe behavioral concerns who really needed me to be more present in the classroom and in life in general.

Less worrying about taking pictures for a blog post or Instagram. Less worrying about updating a Facebook page or sending a tweet. Less worrying about hashtags and pinning on Pinterest. 

More unconditional love. More cheerleading every small victory. More energy and positivity. More creativity and dedication. More joy and passion.

This little five year old made me really slow down and reflect on my teaching. Surely, students who have mastered 100 sight words in kindergarten deserves celebrating. But you know what, being able to sit in a chair for five minutes was deserving of an Olympic medal for this child. 

I truly saw how important it was to slow down, take it one baby step at a time, and celebrate every single victory no matter how small. His pride in being recognized for the positives made all the very stressful days worthwhile.

In today's society, everything moves at a rapid pace. Fast food, fast wifi, fast cars, fast, fast, fast. The goal is to move faster than anyone else, and if you aren't the best, well then you better catch up before you are left in the dust.

Well five year olds don't work that way. All too often, the innocence of childhood is lost and children are coming to school with very adult-like behaviors and schema. Childhood doesn't need to be a race to the finish line. After all, they are only five once and if we try and speed up time we can't get it back.

Don't be afraid.
Use those two little lines.

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  1. This was a great read and an awesome reflection of your 2015.


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