Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Puffy Heart Wordle

Wordle and I have become best friends. It is such a great little tool that can be used for anything. I can already sense a lot Christmas presents coming out of Wordle this year. It is the perfect tool all around.

But my favorite part is the fact that you can plug in your blog address and it will make a Wordle of all the words you most use on your blog. Here is what my blog turned up!

I just love that two of the most prominant words are about being thankful and giving back. That is the whole premise of my blog. However, "freebie" isn't listed prominantly there which is something I am hoping to change in the near future. I just have to get through this week first! And can you tell that I talk about Cindy from Granny Goes to School enough? She's all over my blog. What does your blog look like in Wordle form? I'd love to know!

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