Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 in 12 {A Linky Party}

Two of the best bloggers are teaming up once again for a special linky party. As the year comes to a close, and a new year is about to begin, it's time to reflect upon all the fabulosity that took place in 2012. Here it is the 12 in 12 linky party hosted by none other than Miss Kindergarten and A Teeny Tiny Teacher
Without further ado, (because I'm determined not to be fashionably late to the party like I was for Farley's Currently) let the favorites begin! 

My 12 favorite things! 
12. Favorite movie you watched: 
 I'm not going to lie, I'm not a big movie person. I always want to watch movies, but I refuse to pay to watch a movie once at the theatre for $10 and then spend outrageous amounts of money on candy that I could buy at the dollar store. However, there was one movie that I was determined to see in theatres this year. That was The Hunger Games. 
Not gonna lie, I was late to the Hunger Games party as well. I didn't want to even open one page. I thought I would hate it. However, once I started, I couldn't put them down. I became entrapped in the love triangle and held my breath with every arrow shot. It was intense. I definitely didn't mind the $10 on that one. I can't wait for the next one to come out. It's sure to be great!
11. Favorite TV series:
I am such a TV junkie. By the end of the week, my DVR is rapidly approaching 100% full. One show in particular that I really got addicted to this year was Revenge. 
 Just look at this cast. They mean business. I was always on the edge of my seat each episode and I loved every minute of it. It is the perfect way to end the weekend.
10. Favorite restaurant:
Rrrreeeeddd Robin. Yum! 
If you have never been to this restaurant, you need to drive to your nearest one right now. Take out the GPS and get driving! It will be worth it, trust me! And each restaurant is uniquely designed so be sure to try them all! A fan fave, the amazing tower of onion rings. Yes you heard me right a TOWER! 
If you sign up for their rewards club you get a bunch of wonderful offers like a free birthday burger. Who can refuse! 

9. Favorite new thing you tried:
Blogging! I never thought it would be this wonderful! It was the best decision I've made! 
8. Favorite gift you got:
My favorite gift that I got is going to be one in advance. I am getting a personal laminator for Christmas and I know it is going to be the best gift of 2012. 
I'm planning on spending Winter break just printing and laminating away. It is going to be Heaven! 
7. Favorite thing you pinned:
Water marbled nails
Honestly one of the most messy and difficult things I have ever done in my life but definitely one of the coolest and most noteworthy. Pinterest made my life 1000% easier in 2012. 
6. Favorite blog post:
Not so much one specific post was my favorite in 2012. I follow probably around 200 blogs and remembering specific posts gets pretty cloudy. But without a doubt ANY post by Kristin makes my stomach hurt from laughing. 
I probably added 10 years to my life by reading her posts. She is the funniest person. I would love to be a fly on the wall in her class!
5. Best accomplishment:
Blog related would be reaching 100 followers. I would have never thought that to be possible in my wildest dreams! Thanks so much for making that dream come true!
4. Favorite picture:
 The beautiful mountains of New Hampshire.
3. Favorite memory:
Starting a blog and getting my first comment letting me know someone actually read it!
2. Goal for 2013:
Be more adventurous, take more chances, and actually live life.

For blogging, I am hoping to open up a TPT store in the future and share more meaningful products with you all.
1. One Little Word:
The one little word that really has meant a lot to me this year is RAK. Thanks again Farley for this one. She is really taking over this 12 things. This December Currently really got to me. It's the little things that you do just out of the goodness of your heart with no expectations for payback that mean the most. She really drove that home. I am going to be sure to carry it on through 2013. 
2012 was a truly exceptional year. I can only expect bigger and better things to come in 2013. I can't wait to share it all with you fabulous followers! 

Oh boy that was a long post. Hopefully you hung in there! I can't wait to read about your 12 in 12! Hurry on over and link up!


  1. I love your list!! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Thanks for linking up!
    Hunger Games -- DITTO!
    Thanks for highlighting me -- you are too sweet. :)

  3. I love the New Hampshire mountains!! I am from MA and my family used to travel up to Silver Lake in NH every summer. So many good memories there :)

    Loved reading your post!

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  4. I just love your blog! Isn't Revenge the best? It made the cut for my favorite show also! Did you take that beautiful picture? The mountains are so pretty! We don't have a lot of those here in Florida! I'm thrilled to have found your blog and am your newest follower :)

  5. RAK is definitely a good one to remember! I'm trying to impart that on my kiddos as well this year. Also a fan of the 1st season of Revenge-I was glad I was watching it on DVD because I literally couldn't wait to see what happened! :)



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