Sunday, March 17, 2013

2 Truths and a Lie

I like to be the first one to arrive, or fashionably late to any party. Since I am clearly not going to be first to arrive, I prefer to call myself fashionably late to Latoya's linky party. 

I never got around to linking up to her first series but I was waiting for today so I could link up. I knew she would have another fun go around and she didn't disappoint! 

This week's topic is 2 Truths and a Lie. Now I should be fantastic at this game! I have played it so many time throughout high school and college. However, I can never think of anything good and finding a believable lie is incredibly difficult for me to come up with. Yet, I am willing to give it a good go for bloggy fun! 

I decided to link my three choices to elementary school memories because I thought it would be fun being that this is a teaching related blog. 

Here are my three choices:
1) I won the 5th grade spelling bee by spelling the word hearth.
2) I wore a hula skirt to my elementary school graduation.
3) I stayed inside from recess nearly every day as a choice.

Which is the lie? Can you tell? Leave me a comment below with your guess! I'll be back next week to share the truth! 

I'm off to go watch some Revenge and try to remain in denial that Spring Break is over and it's back to school.


  1. Hmmm... all your options are believable! I am going to say you didn't choose to stay in for recess because I feel like most schools would not offer that option and most kids wouldn't want to stay in.

    Compassionate Teacher

  2. This is so hard! I am going to guess that you did not wear a hula skirt to your graduation.
    My First Love

  3. I'm going to guess that the lie is that you won the 5th grade spelling bee with the word hearth.

    Success in Second Grade

  4. I think the lie is the Spelling Bee. If you lived in Hawaii, then you could have worn the hula skirt.

    The First Grade Princess

  5. I wore a HULA skirt!!! and not just for a day! More like a year!
    My guess is the spelling bee!!
    (your 3 are so much better than mine!)
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  6. I'm going to go with number 1. Only because I think it is more memorable if a word caused you to LOSE the spelling least in my case! (dessert vs. desert) Plus, we just had a spelling bee and the words were way harder than that.
    Literacy Spark


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