Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday

So it seems that I can't go a day without having the urge to join another linky party. There are just so many amazing linky parties that I love linking up for. They are the best way to meet other bloggers in my opinion! 

Speaking of meeting other bloggers, I am almost to 400 followers. I can't believe it! Can we get over this last 10 follower hump and hit 400? I sure hope so! I can't wait to celebrate with a big giveaway for you all! They are just so much fun! I love giving people the chance to win big!

Today I'm going to link up with Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.
As for the other linky parties, I am going to schedule two posts in advance for this weekend since I am a busy beaver. Read on to find out why!

Just a fair warning, there will be no pictures this post. I clearly forgot how to use a camera this week!

1. This week I didn't really do much at school. It was only a 3 day week. That's one of the huge perks of going to a Catholic school. We get a 5 day weekend. It's like another Spring Break and I love it! 

2. This weekend is all about celebrating. Hosting two parties back to back is lots of fun but entails lots of baking and cleaning! Especially when they are two completely different themes. Can't double dip items there. I will be sharing pics with Tara for Monday Made It next week because I am obsessed with how all my Pinterest finds have turned out! Stay tuned!

3. A retired teacher was so kind to let me scrounge through her books to help continue to grow my collection. I haven't even begun to count how many books I was fortunate enough to receive but let me tell you it is a whole whole lot. I really focused on getting quality non-fiction which is huge now due to the CCSS. It is making me really excited for student teaching! The time is getting near! 

4. I taught my second whole class lesson this week. It went even better than last week. These firsties just blow me away with how smart they are! They are becoming experts! I am really starting to build my confidence when it comes to classroom management which is huge. My favorite thing is using the little singing stuffed animals for transitions. It is a great way for children to get the cue without having to speak. You can change it up for each season and I just love it!

5. I am unfortunately out of the March Madness tournament in my household. Both teams I picked to play in the championship were eliminated. Oh well, it's still fun to watch! The games are so intense this year! If you picked teams how are you doing? All these upsets did not fare well for my bracket! However I am all about the underdogs and Cinderella teams so I hope to see one of them win this year! 

Well that's it! Hopefully next week I will have more to share! Come May I definitely will that's for sure! Go visit Kacey and find out what everyone else was up to this week!


  1. How exciting to get lots of free books for your classroom!
    Fun in ECSE

  2. I just realized I was following your blog, but not officially! I am 392 =)

  3. I too thought I was following but apparently not! One step closer to 400!! And I have had a hard time doing any posts this month that are not linkys. There have just been so many good ones!
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  4. Guess what? You have a new follower, which means another step closer to 400!! By the way, I am in love with your blog design! I am thinking of changing my blog design to a customized one but am still in the midst of "shopping" for a designer. Might just have to go check out yours! :)

    Diary of a First Grade Teacher

  5. Hi :) I am your newest follower and also student teaching VERY soon. You have the cutest blog, and I cannot wait to continue exploring your blog for ideas for my classroom.


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