Friday, March 22, 2013

Five For Friday

All day yesterday I kept thinking it was Friday. That's what happens when you have no school on a Friday. I was blog stalking and wondering how it could be that no one linked up with Kacey for Five for Friday when her linky party is so popular! I finally figured out it couldn't be Friday based on that fact alone! 

Since today is indeed Friday, I'm linking up! 

1. I taught my first ever full class lesson this week and it went really well! It was surprisingly much easier to manage the whole class than I thought! The kiddos were so engaged and I was so impressed by their learning! Brain Pop Jr is my new best friend! Those videos are beyond adorable! Shout out to Catherine from The Brown Bag Teacher for helping me out with some great ideas to use in the classroom!
 Thanks so much! The kiddos loved it!

2. Although Wednesday was the first day of Spring, yesterday we had a random snowstorm!
Spring, Spring, where are you? I want to see some bright cheery flowers and warm sunshiney weather!

3. March Madness is is FULL swing in my house! I never have a good bracket but I have loads of fun competing against the family. This year we even got my grandma involved and she has really become invested in watching to see if her teams win! This year is really intense! I mean #1 Gonzaga nearly losing to #16 team! Crazy! You can never count any teams out!

I'm playing in a little bloggy March Madness tournament hosted by Diane at Fifth in the Middle. 
I currently am in 20th place out of 25 but lucky for me there is a random winner prize each round so I don't have to have a good bracket to win! Are you following the madness? Who do you have winning?

4. Now is the time to reveal my two truths and a lie from Latoya's linky party! 
The three choices were...
1) I won the 5th grade spelling bee by spelling the word hearth.
2) I wore a hula skirt to my elementary school graduation.
3) I stayed inside from recess nearly every day as a choice.
Here are the results!
1) LIE! Brandi, Julie, Jessica and Terri all guessed correctly! 
I came in second place in the spelling bee because I spelled hearth wrong. I went with harth. A mistake that clearly I will never forget! Great guesses ladies! 
2) TRUTH! We had a Hawaiian themed graduation celebration even though I went to school no where near Hawaii! It was a lot of fun to dress up for a day! 
3) TRUTH! I hardly ever went outside for recess. I preferred to stay inside and learn sign language so I could communicate with the special education students who were in my class. I even had my own sign name and everything! Little teacher in the making!

5. A while back I hosted a giveaway for THE pencil sharpener! A winner was finally chosen! 
 The winner of the world's greatest pencil sharpener is....Lorina DeMello! 
Congrats Lorina! I will be contacting you very shortly to claim your fantastic prize! Which fantastic color will you choose?

Thanks so much for hosting once again Kacey! It's so much fun to give the week a little recap! I am looking forward to a very relaxing weekend watching some movies! It's rough adjusting back to school after a week off! Happy weekend!


  1. We are March Madness crazy in our house too! My youngest daughter is currently in 3rd place with her bracket. Well ahead of her basketball coach dad! I wish I had known about the bloggy March Madness tournament! Have fun and good luck!

  2. Oh goodness! Thank you so much for the shout out and compliment. It's so much fun to share student teaching with someone. Thank you! :) We are expecting snow this week, too and I am devastated - boo!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. I live in NC and while I thought it would warm up quicker than where I'm from (ohio) it's not doing that at all. Today, it's in the 40's and gloomy. Spring where are you!?


  4. hooray for me!!! thanks so much - I've been eyeing these pencil sharpeners for a while now. I live I Hawaii - u must've been thinking about sending something here since graduating in your hula skirt! I just sent u my contact info. thanks again!

  5. That is so funny that you still remember the word.. I lost in my elementary school spelling bee in 4th grade because I didn't SAY the word character before I spelled it. Silly spelling bee rules! I will never forget it. :) I'm your newest follower! :)

    Mrs. D's Firsties

  6. I'm on Spring Break this week and we're supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tonight! :( I'm soooo ready for spring! :)


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  8. We had 10-15 inches of snow in my area! Not much of a spring break. I was hoping for warmer weather. I am a new follower.

    Classroom Companion


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