Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday - Rollercoaster edition

This week has been quite the roller coaster ride! Started out with some great moments, had some serious downfalls, and turned around for the end of the week. I'm linking up with the one and only Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching to share about my week. 

1. I registered for student teaching! 
Let's just hope this doesn't happen to me!

2. I taught a lesson that totally BOMBED this week. I'm just glad to get it out of my system.
It was a great learning experience though so I'm looking on the bright side of things. It will only make me better in the long run.

3. I learned a fun to way to practice spelling this week. Ever heard of sailboat spelling? 

Here's an example of how they do it in the classroom I'm in. 
The kiddos love it and it really helps them a lot with their words. Do any of you use this strategy? What are some of your other favorite spelling strategies to use?

4. I plan to spend my weekend relaxing at the baseball field catching up on some reading after this stressful week. Weekends are my best friend!

5. I'm having a fantastic 400 follower giveaway! 
Kacey happens to be one of the amazing people who donated a prize! Hurry on over and enter

Thanks once again Kacey for hosting this fabulous party each week! Love it!


  1. Ash,
    YAY! I am so glad to hear that you are signed-up for student teaching. Do you know what grade(s) you will be in? No worries about the lesson; we all have those. Last week I taught a poetry lesson and it was definitely less than stellar - haha. Character building - right? :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. Found you through the Five for Friday Linky and I'm so glad I did! I felt like this week was definitely a roller coaster for my crew and me, and your inspirational quote is so true! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Love, Live, and Teach

  3. Glad to find you through Doodlebugs. I looove the fonts! :)
    I'm Lovin Lit

  4. I use something like Sailboat Spelling, but it is called Staircase Spelling. It's basically the same thing! I love to play Sparkle with my little loves. You give a word and go around in a circle. Each child gives a letter in the word and after the last letter is said, the next person says "Sparkle!" to show that it's done. Hard to explain, but they LOVE it!
    My First Love

  5. We've all had less than fabulous lessons...sometimes daily :) I'm with ya on weekends being awesome! Enjoy it!

    Check out the Giveaway at Lucky to Be in First!


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