Sunday, April 7, 2013

Super Shopping Sunday Shopping Spree!

I swear, I only went shopping for three things:
These Gator Chomp clips seen on The Learning Tree...

These Sandwich Coasters seen on The Creative Chalkboard...

And these non-fiction books seen on An Apple a Day in First Grade...

However, if you follow me on Facebook, you know this is how the shopping trip turned out...

Just a warning, if you do not want your wallet to hate you right now, do not continue reading this post! Otherwise you are most likely going to want to jump in your car and run to the nearest Target/Walmart/Dollar Tree/Christmas Tree Shop/Michaels and buy everything and yes I mean everything!

I warned you! Just saying. You can still turn around now!

Ok, alright, here we goooooo!

First stop: Walmart

I just had to go back and check out their Easter clearance. I am a big after holiday clearance shopper! I really lucked out! What I thought was supposed to be 50% off really turned out to be up to 85% off! It was fabulous! As a result, I clearly stocked up!

I kept going back and getting more Easter eggs (I took the entire box right off the shelf) because they were only 15-30 cents and you can never have too many! I bought a class set of all the sport themed ones as well as the bunnies, chicks, carrots, and frogs. The possibilities are endless!

Then I bought the themed Easter egg packs: Noah's Ark animal eggs, Dinosaur themed eggs, and Egg-U-Cational alphabet eggs for $2 each. I can just see the kids having so much fun with these!

Then I snagged a few more of the little trays and animal jars because they are perfect for centers and estimation! Cheap, cheap at only 15 cents for the trays and 85 cents for the jars. Gotta love clearance!

Next! Target! Ahhh Target, just Heaven on earth! I could spend hours in that store! I must spend an hour in the Dollar Spot alone! The Dollar Spot definitely didn't disappoint this time around!

They had the cutest little french fry containers in a pack of 6 for $1. They have a hamburger on the box but it didn't matter to me.

***Note: I went to a different Target tonight and they have French Fry containers but they are yellow and say French Fries on the front***

I am picturing making this bulletin board with them. I have had it pinned forever! It seemed like it was meant to be!

Then they stocked up on more fun erasers! They have DICE ERASERS! How fun! They are nice and quiet too! So many uses at 6 for $1 it was a no brainer! Then I grabbed some peanut erasers for a circus theme and bone erasers for Halloween. Can't wait to put them to use! You are going to want to go grab these before they are gone!

Also in the dollar spot I grabbed a Leap Frog math book to laminate pages from, some dry erase math packs, dinosaur go fish cards that have the different dinosaur names on them so they are perfect for using as reference cards for spelling the names, old maid cards that describe different animals such as marching mouse. Finally I grabbed a book on opposites and a book that answers kid's questions about animals.

Then it was time to hit up the Easter/spring Dollar Spot clearance! Boy did I hit it big! Lots of fun prop stuff and cookie stencils that I will use for letter and word identification in text for 30 cents that was in the dollar spot last month. Then in the Easter section, I grabbed foam Easter eggs that were divided into three sections that I will use for math and literacy instruction.I also snagged some dinosaur eggs, foam butterflies, and an adorable little chick plushie.

However, there was one part about the Dollar Spot this month that really grabbed me hook line and sinker...Spring Book Sale!!!

This book sale focused on non-fiction texts which I am really trying to expand upon so I bought everything! I even had them go open a box of the books that was in the back. Yup that dedicated! I even bought the gross books because I knew the boys would go crazy over them! If you have a Target ANYWHERE near your house you need to make a trip over stat!

Then I went to The Christmas Tree Shop. Do you have those near you? They have a bunch near me and it's great for holiday themed shopping!

I picked up some Spring themed socks (50 cents) because I was once told having holiday themed socks is a requirement of being a teacher. I got some chick, bunny and Easter egg ones. Then I grabbed a place mat for $1.69 with different priced tasty treats to use for a simple money center. Then I picked up the cutest little cupcake holders that were bee, frog and turtle themed for $1.69 for a set of 6 to use for spring time sorting.

Flashback to St. Patrick's day. All their clearance was 90% off so I bought a ton! Everything was 10 to 30 cents. I got some coins, coin and clover confetti, table cloth, wind sock for ways to make ten, chair cover because that little leprechaun is too cute to pass up for 30 cents, pot of gold, and shamrock for fact families. If you have one near you I suggest you check it out!

Michael's was the next destination as an impromptu stop. I knew I could find some great Easter clearance there too!

The little bunny container was just calling my name. I am a sucker for cutesy! Then I got some cute little butterfly clothespins that can be used for self checking math centers. I also grabbed some spring cutouts for spring center counters. Then I grabbed some cup coasters for no particular reason but they were cute and cheap! Then at the checkout they have the dollar displays that always suck me in. I bought little shopping is therapy clothespins because if you haven't guessed by the shopping overload, I shop a TON! And if I say it is therapy it makes is slightly alright.

Last but certainly not least was the Dollar Tree. Seriously imagine if this store cost more than a dollar! I would be in serious trouble! I never walk out without a full cart! It is just too good in there lately!

I went in specifically for the alligator clips for greater than or less than and walked out with the entire clip display in my cart. Think I have a shopping addiction? Yup I thought so! I bought the hippo clips because in Kindergarten we do more or less with groups of pictures and I thought I could use the hippo for "Hungry Hungry Hippo" who eats the group of more objects. Then I bought the cow and pig ones because just why not? I'm sure I have a use for them with a farm unit! And the bee, frog and ladybug ones? No clue either! Maybe for clip the rhyming pairs? But those little googly eyes were just begging me to put them in my cart and take them home so I couldn't say no!

I made a wrong turn while searching for those silly little sandwich coasters and stumbled upon this little gem. Anything animal, polka dotted and themed is a must. I don't even know why I bought all this because that's a whole lot of cleaning that I expect to take place but those little smiles were too cute to pass up. I bought the large dust pan, the small dust pan with the matching sweeper brush, and polka dot containers. I did have a small victory when I turned down the matching sponges. If any of you show me something on your blog that you would use them for I will run right back and grab them though because I clearly have no willpower!

Then I found the summer section and I had a field day!

Okay this time I am TELLING you to go to the Dollar Tree because this isn't something to pass up! Especially if you have a tropical themed classroom. Those are all perfect little ten frames! Tiki mask ten frames in all different colors! And they come in a two pack so it's even better for 20 frames! They also had little Hawaiian flower ones too so obviously those had to go into the cart too!

Then I grabbed some cute little flamingo koosh ball things to use as counters, flip flop trays to use to sort by -ip or -op words (adorable right?), Flamingo and Palm tree stirrers to use as fun pointers when reading. Then I grabbed two pin wheels because I remembered a really cute little pin wheel math activity while shopping.

The one I found isn't as cute but it will suffice! I'm sure if I find any adorable animal themed pinwheels you can bet your bottom dollar I'm all over buying it! 

So clearly I have a shopping problem. There is no denying that. I hope that I have inspired you all with some great new finds. Let me know if you have any great ideas for anything I found that I should know about. As a result of this post I realized that I really should be a personal shopper. I would be so good at that! The person who I shop for would have to be a millionaire though because clearly I know how to shop. However, I didn't spend over $100 on all these goodies so that was a major victory for me! I just know how to shop clearance sales. My Mom taught me well! Happy shopping to all my fellow shopaholics!

And don't forget to enter my 400 follower giveaway where you could win one of four prize packs including a winner's choice pack where you could do some serious TPT shopping of your own! Click on the picture to head to that post!

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  1. You are so funny! Love your ideas!

  2. Holy moly! You got some amazing things! I was at my Target today and I don't think they had put out any new stuff yet. I am going to have to go back later this week to check!

    Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

  3. I'm glad that somebody spent more than I did this weekend! I definitely spent more than I should have at Wal-mart... I snagged 6 kid-sized Adirondack chairs with matching tables... Oops! Just finished blogging about my finds.

    Mr. First Grade

  4. I totally just wrote this long comment to you and then LOST it! Anyways, I am your newest follower. I have LOVED reading about all your super cute finds. I was at the Dollar Tree yesterday looking for those sandwich coasters (only found 4 sadly, but that is better than 0) and bought the Gater clips and the monkey dust pan too! I also came out with a ton of other things as well, but who can leave there with nothing. WISH I had a Target in town, but will just keep hoping they build one soon! Hope you find many fabulous things to do with all your buys!!
    Monahan Monkey Madness


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