Saturday, January 5, 2013

CCSSS Read Tennessee + Giveaway Winner!

Yesterday I had a flash giveaway for Greg's Dyno Mite Addition Pack. 
The winner is Cherie Mae Ong! Congrats! Hope you enjoy this fabulous pack!

Saturdays are dedicated to the Common Core State Standards.

Love them or leave them, CCSS are here to stay! We might as well get comfortable with them! 

My graduating class at school is the first to use the CCSS fully so we have been really focusing on them in everything we do. 

The CCSS are very detailed and precise standards. They can seem to be overwhelming at times. Read Tennessee is by far the best resource that I have ever used when planning lessons. There is a section for ELA and Math standards.

(Click to visit the ELA standards)

(Click to visit the Math standards)

This website has the standards for K-3. Perfect for an early childhood teacher. If you are an upper primary grade teacher, unfortunately, this isn't going to be as useful for you.

You click on the grade level you need at the left and it breaks the standard down by category. You can then click on each individual standard that you might need to teach.

Once you decide on a standard, the magic happens! You get a summary of the standard, how to get students to understand the standard, questions to focus instruction, and skills for prior to, at grade level, and beyond instruction. This is great for differentiation! It is absolutely perfect for a beginning teacher but I am sure that veteran teachers would find it useful as well! 

The next tab takes you to media related to the standard. There are videos, interactive games, and websites to use. This is perfect for all you IWB users out there!

Then, Read Tennessee provides other websites with teaching strategies for extra assistance bringing home the concept. 

Read Tennessee even provides links to websites that have lessons and unit plans to make your planning a piece of cake! 

Early childhood teachers love a good center! The final tab provides links to center activities that takes the effort out of the research process. 

There are so many more great perks of this website like family and community involvement.

This website has proved to be invaluable for my lesson planning with regards to the CCSS. I hope that you find this website just has beneficial as I have! 

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