Monday, January 7, 2013

Shopping Sunday Recap {Picture Overload}

So as most of you probably know, I was supposed to do this post yesterday. I just didn't have any time to prepare the post so I switched it up. Hopefully after you finish this post you see why I had to make the change. Next week, I'm going shopping on Saturday so I can get the post up on Sunday like scheduled. Let's dive on in! 

Store 1: Michaels
I wanted to hit up Michaels for their after Christmas sale. I had been to other craft stores and they were really picked over but usually Michaels holds up until the big sales. Everything I bought was either 80 or 90% off. Then randomly when checking out I discovered all sale items were an extra 20% off! It was wonderful! Here's what I snagged:

 4 pairs of Christmas fun glasses @ 40¢ each
Frame to put holiday picture of class during student teaching $2.99
Slinky Santa $1.59
Scentos bubbles 20¢
Christmas paper 99¢ for 50 sheets 
Holiday craft sticks 59¢ 
Slinky Penguin $1.59
Holiday craft sticks 59¢
Foam stickers 99¢
Hanukkah stickers 39¢
Polar bear mask 40¢

Total: $10.67

Store 2: Savers
Books books and more books! I can never have enough books! My job for today is to start typing up an inventory of books so I know what I have. I plan that it will take forever but it will be well worth it in the end! Here's the books I got:

 50 hard cover and paperback picture books 

Total: $29
Breakdown: 58¢ per book
Quite the steal for some of those amazing titles if I do say so myself! 

Store 3: Ulta
I have never been to this store before. I only went because I have been dying for these nail polishes for months now. They were finally released and I broke the bank purchasing them. At least they can be worn multiple ways so it seems like I got a lot more. The only plus was that I signed up for a rewards card that gives a free quarterly gift. 
4 OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand matte nail polish

Total: $38.52 
Yikes! Never doing that again!

Store 4: Target aka Teacher's Heaven! 
I spent a good hour scouring through the dollar bins for the perfect mailboxes and bathtub. You will see what I mean in a minute. The dollar spot was pure perfection this week! You are definitely going to want to stop by your local Target ASAP and snag these deals!
 Target was really picked over in their Christmas section. I stopped the day after Christmas and they didn't really any anything so I don't know why I expected there to magically be more deals. 
Christmas Train gel clings 20¢
Octagon "coasters" 29¢ each pack of 12 that I am going to use for center activities
 The dollar spot was filled with adorable Valentines Day deals! I just picked up a few things to use in school before Valentines Day and I plan on going back after to snag stuff 50% off for next year! 
Foam letter stickers
Foam heart stickers
Heart glasses to write on and have children wear for a Valentines day picture to send home
Heart storage box
Valentines plate for part part whole activity
Heart erasers
Heart owl notepad
Smacka Pack (these cute little balloons that self inflate when you hit them) set of 4
Each item $1
The dollar spot also re-stocked with teacher supplies. They must have known teachers would be wanting to re-stock for the second half of the year. 
Magazine holder
Foam shape stickers
Foam number stickers
Set of 4 mini stamps
Colored pencil post-it notes
Leap Frog dry erase numbers 
Pink clawfoot tub to hold supplies
 Shark plate for part part whole
Smiley Face erasers
Transportation vehicle erasers 
Animal erasers
2 mailboxes to decorate and use for student notes for the teacher
Each item $1

I also got the $10 gift card for the winner of my giveaway! It's not too late to enter

Total: $33.61

Store 5: Kohls 
After seeing Mrs. Hoffer's post about the new Kohl's Cares for Kids Dr. Seuss items, I knew I just had to go get them! I am so glad I did! These little guys are the cutest things I have ever seen! I am particularly in love with Horton! 
 I already had all the books but they were larger than normal and said Collector's Edition so I just had to get them too. I don't feel guilty spending extra on those because 100% of net proceeds goes to helping kids health and education initiatives nationwide. 
Plushies and books $5 each
I also found this cute little owl left over from last month's deal for only $2.50 so of course I snagged him up too! 

Total: $42.50

Lots of great deals and steals but also some big splurges. 
Hopefully next week's trip won't be as expensive! 
Did you find any great steals this week?  


  1. I haven't checked out the dollar store in a while... Looks like I need to though. Great finds! I especially love the little mailboxes.

    Lovely Literacy and More


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