Sunday, January 27, 2013

Feeling Lazy = Free Fonts

I have been feeling lazy with a capital L-A-Z-Y. So very lazy! It's a combination of lack of sleep, cold weather, and night classes. I still haven't been in the school work mood yet. I just want to get into the classroom and do more hands on learning. Hopefully next week it will happen!

As much as I have no motivation to do anything, I couldn't disappoint you all without a freebie this week. I was stuck with what to create as I didn't have any good clip art for the week so I went to my default freebie: fonts. 

Here are two free fonts. I didn't even realize but I was clearly stuck on the letter F with my font names. Just give simple credit by using a link to my blog or my blog button in the credits if you use. Hope you enjoy! 

Click on the picture to download.

Click HERE and HERE and HERE if you missed my previous free fonts!

I'm linking up for another fabulous edition of Manic Monday by Classroom Freebies! Hope you find many more fabulous freebies!

Once again it's Freebie Friday by TBA!

I hope to make it back this week to post at least once! I already owe you my Shopping Sunday picture update that I will have to post next Sunday! I am thinking Wednesday is my best bet as a date to post because I usually can manage Wordless Wednesday's. Hopefully this will get easier in time to manage both!

Stay tuned later in the week for a giveaway! I am going to offer either a $10 Starbucks gift card or some nail polish as a prize for a guessing giveaway. Let me know in the comments what you would prefer as a prize! Or maybe I will do winner's pick! Decisions, decisions! 


  1. Very Cute! Love the Funky Fresh Font! Thanks! Teresa from Fun in K/1

  2. I just downloaded your free fonts. Thank you for posting them on Manic Monday.

  3. LOVE the fonts. Did you make them on the iPad app? I keep saying I need to purchase that app. Keep hoping it will go on sale!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  4. Yay! I loooove fonts! Thanks a bunch for sharing those 2 new fabulous fonts girl! Xo

  5. Oh, I just love your fonts! They are adorable! I am definitely downloading them. I found you through the Manic Monday link up and I am also your newest follower. Your blog is great!

  6. I'm loving your blog design? Is it new? Thanks for sharing! :-D

    Learn With Leah

  7. I love the fonts! I found you through Classroom Freebies. Are you using the iPad app? I bought a stylus just for that purpose... I can't wait to try my hand at them!

    I'm your newest follower. :)

    The First Grade Scoop
    I'll be having a 100 follower giveaway - stop by, follow my blog, and get ready for some goodies!

  8. I love free fonts! I posted some today too! When I feel lazy, it just feels like I am doing something! Love the Fluffy Frills!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  9. Thanks so very much for sharing your hard work and creativity!! I love all these funky, fresh, and fantabulous fonts!!!

  10. Fonts are a fav of mine! Thanks for the wonderful fonts.

    Lovely Literacy & More

  11. I just made a huge pack using Pick Up Sticks and Chicks. I use your fonts alllllll the time. Thanks for making them free:)



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