Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Storytelling Tuesday: Way Up in the Arctic

The theme this week is Arctic Animals in school. I'm here to share a really fun book that I read today. 

It's called Way Up in the Arctic by Jennifer Ward. 

 (Click to purchase on Amazon)

It is part of a series including other books on the ocean, desert and gardens. I have the ocean book and I love it!

This book is set to the tune of Over In The Meadow and features a patterned that the children will catch along and really enjoy. This book was great to reinforce counting skills, arctic animals, and animal baby names. There are other words that are great for vocabulary lessons such as camouflaged.

The children really enjoyed guessing the animals that were on each page when I gave clues. For example, on the page with the owl, I turned the book so the cover was facing out, and I gave these two clues: 
1. I am a bird
2. I say hoooo

Another wonderful aspect about this book is that each page has a hidden number in the illustration. The kiddos had so much fun with this challenge! 

This is a fantastic book that the children really enjoyed reading. I was quite impressed with the amount of schema they had on these animals. I would recommend it in any early childhood classroom!

Do you have any other arctic favorites that I should add to my collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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