Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Major Bloggy Milestone - 500 Followers!

I was absolutely delighted to discover that The Polished Teacher hit 500 followers last night! It was the perfect way to end a stressful day! I cannot thank you all enough for the support that I have received in this blogging community! It means the world to me! 

As always, with big milestones comes big celebrations! I always like to give all my followers a chance to partake in the blog celebration that I host for these milestones. There might be a new blogger that I am not familiar with that would love to donate so I always open it up to everyone! This time around, I have gotten more tech savvy and did a Google Form for the process!

If you would like to donate a prize to the giveaway, you can easily do so! By clicking on the picture below, you will be taken to a short form to fill out. 
This will answer all the essential questions regarding the donation. I will then send you a follow up e-mail to confirm. Thanks so much in advance for your generosity! I truly appreciate it!

See you soon with some fantastic prizes to win!


  1. Congrats on reaching 500! That's wonderful! :) Here's to 500 more followers!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  2. Congrats on 500! I think I was pretty close to being your 500th follower.

    Third Grade Galore

  3. Congrats! I just reached my 100th followers. :)


  4. Congratulations! Very exciting!

  5. Ashley, do you want me to fill out the form even though we already emailed about this? Let me know what works best for you. Congrats again girl!! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  6. Congratulations! I filled out the form. Happy to help.


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