Thursday, June 20, 2013

That's A Steal Thursday!

So shame on me for posting twice in a day! However, I did try and spread them out as much as possible! One of these days I will have my linky party life planned out! If only there weren't so many fabulous parties that happened on specific days of the week! Maybe I need a blogging planner! Is there an Erin Condren for that...

Tonight, I'm here to link up with a wonderful friend, Kayla from Meet Miss Parker. She has this fabulous idea for a linky party where you link up and share you shopping steals of the week on your blog and on instagram. 

I am all game for anything that gives me an "excuse" for shopping and someone else to blame my empty wallet on. Thanks Kayla!

After work today, I headed to Walmart and scoured their clearance aisles. I do have to say I found some mighty good, absolutely random deals that didn't break the bank! 

1. Holographic bulletin borders at only 30¢ were a must have!
2. Fun party stirrers at 75¢ to use as reading pointers that came in my favorite colors!
3. Ink pads for a measly 30¢? Absolutely! One in each color! 
4. Sports bucket for those active boys was a definite for 30¢

5. Christmas Scentos glitter glue? Why not! Gotta love Christmas throwback for 50¢! These will be put to good use this winter! 
6. New smelly Scentos markers $2.97/3pk! Chocolate, Bubble Gum, and Cotton Candy! The kids are going to go crazy for word work this year!   
7. Fun animal stampers at 75¢ each. Grabbed a panda, giraffe, cat and dog. These will be definite favorites with the kiddos! 

8. 2 pack of the heavy duty clipboards that I cannot wait to transform for Monday Made It this weekend! The sticker said $3.88 but it rang up for only $3 at the register! What a steal! 
9. Fun patterned notebook that I can't wait to use this fall! Love the colors and design! For only $1, it had to go in the cart!  
10. I am kind of fly swatter obsessed! I found these 2 fly swatters for only $1 each! For the zebra one, I am planning a game, "Swatting Sight Word Safari". The fly one, I don't have anything particular in mind but the possibilities are endless! 

I would call this trip a score! I scored some serious deals! The grand total was only $15.82 + tax! It was definitely a "that's a steal Thursday" kind of day! Thanks for hosting Kayla! Can't wait to see all the other shopping steals! I'm sure there will be more shopping in my future after seeing all those finds! I know I'm heading out to see if I can find that dry erase roll this weekend!


  1. I love all your finds!! I have a blogging calendar in my tpt store. I am on my phone and can't get the direct link but it's called the ultimate blogging calendar. or planner. I can't remember which lol

  2. Ash,
    You found the neatest stuff! Thanks for the linky heads up. I went over and linked up too! I had just posted about my great end of year student gift finds from Dollar Tree! Now I have another great blog to follow too! Thanks!

  3. Ash- can you email me at thirdgradetidbitsATgmailDOTcom?


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