Monday, September 24, 2012

Letter Linky Love

I just love linky parties! There are so many great linky parties out there lately that I am in blogger Heaven! They are so much fun! You get to connect with so many wonderful bloggers and hear all their fabulous ideas. The new linky hosted by Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle is no different. This linky is called:

This linky is so much fun! I love love love teaching letter identification/formation activities! There is something so thrilling about introducing children to the letters that unlock the magic of reading. Here is my absolute favorite way of teaching letters!

I just LOVE playing with shaving cream! It is amazing!

The kids LOVE it! Actually, I take that back. Some are deathly afraid of it. I was like I said go stick your hand in a lion's mouth and write the letter A on his tongue. However, once they get started, they don't want to ever stop playing!

To keep the mess contained, I add a plate, pan, or pie tin and have them draw letters on that. That way the shaving cream mess is limited and it cuts the risk of getting all over the place like in their ears, on the rug, or in their hair. Shaving cream is really easy to get out of clothes though if it gets on them which is another reason why I just love it!

Sometimes I think I enjoy this activity more than the children. You can take it further and practice writing numbers, doing math equations, writing their names, or drawing pictures. I would teach this center every day! Do you have a shaving cream obsession or am I the only one?

Thanks for all the new followers guys! I am so honored to share this little blog with you all!

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  1. Love shaving cream! It also does a great job cleaning desks and tables and smells so good!


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