Monday, September 3, 2012

Currently...Monday Made It!

I think the most anticipated event since starting this blog has been the September currently. I loved reading them each month and since starting my blog I couldn't wait til it was my turn! So here I am linking up with Farley at

So Storage Wars. Do any of you watch that show? I started out thinking it was stupid and then got so intrigued by the things they were finding and the serious cash they were making. I think all teachers could use some extra cash right? We should do Storage Wars Teacher Edition. Think of all the children's books and school supplies we could buy!

Fall TV premieres make me so happy. I love TV. I'm the first to admit it. My DVR is always filled to the brim. And TV always seems to make the weeks go by faster for me which is a win win situation.

I always start out using a planner to keep everything organized. I write down what I have to do each day to keep track. Then once it gets to the 3rd week, I always seem to just stop and never use the planner again. What is up with me? Why can I never stay organized? I'm hoping that I will be inspired by all you wonderful bloggers to stay organized with you fabulous organizational tips!

Fall, fall, fall! What can I say about you? I just love fall! It is the best time of year. The leaves change, the air gets cooler, you can bundle up in sweatshirts and boots, bonfires are a delight and apple picking turns into delicious apple pies that fill the house with their delicious aroma. I anxiously await my reunion with fall!

One part of the job I don't think they mention is that little kid chairs are a killer on the back. I need that chiropractor to whip me back into shape stat!

Finally, my favorite things! I love my teacher toolbox! I had so much fun making it! It is so great. I'm hoping this keeps me organized! Next up, new shoes! Who doesn't love a good pair of shoes! They always make everything better! Plus when you are standing all day long you need a good pair to keep you going. Finally, 25 cent Sharpies! Are you crazy? Can't pass up that deal! I am obsessed with sharpies! Filled up my teacher toolbox drawer with every color in the rainbow! Love! 

Thanks so much Farley for hosting this event once again! I can't wait to see what you come up with for October!

My second most anticipated event was to get started with the Monday Made It's hosted by Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics.

These 4th grade ladies have the best ideas! I have only "made" one thing recently and it is the picture frame white board thing.

I love it. The picture doesn't do it justice of how cute it is! So simple yet effective! Those are my type of crafts!

Yesterday I made a Halloween Freebie if you want to head over and check that out! I am gonna count that as a "made it".

I can't wait to see what other things people come up with so I can draw more creative inspiration. Hopefully since it is only a monthly made it now, I can come up with many more things for October!

Be sure to come back on Wednesday for another edition of Weekly Wednesday Freebies!

Thanks to all my new followers out there! You guys are awesome!


  1. I love that you had new shoes in your favorite things list. Me too!!! :) Also, I am here to help you stay organized...I am the same way. I always start so strong and then before I know it I'm looking around my classroom going "What in the world happened in here?!" We can hold each other accountable!! ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

    1. Yes! Pinterest made me fall in love with shoes more. It even inspired me to make some fancy glitter sequin shoes this summer that I LOVE! Can't wait to wear them! Thanks so much for keeping me in check. Together we will stay organized!

  2. Haha, I LOVE Storage Wars and would be down for the teacher edition! Your picture frame turned out very cute. I'm your newest follower.:)
    iTeach 1:1

    1. Yes Storage Wars is an addiction and it doesn't help that there seems to be a marathon ever single day. Thanks so much for following!

  3. 25 cent sharpies!!! Woah, where have I been? I'll have to look for those!

    I hear ya about the organization. I'm the same way. My classroom is clean and organized today...but after my first day tomorrow who knows what kind of shape it's going to be in. I love to clean...but I can't ever seem to keep things clean.

    Fourth Grade Garden

  4. They had a limit of 3 sharpies but who says you can't go back in for more over and over? The best part! No minimum purchase. I hate when things are a penny but only when you spend $5. These are the best because you can go in and just buy them for a quarter and walk out.

    I wish I was like you and loved to clean. I am a constant cleaner but I have it.

  5. Love my DVR too! What would we do without it? I'm happy we have today off. Not only to relax and spend time with family, but to catch up on my DVR. I wasn't too excited about the sales this year, as we've had so many cutbacks that I made myself stay away from back to school shopping. Although 25cent sharpies are a FAB deal. Love me some Fall weather too, but miss the real Fall weather I grew up with in Canada. So Cal weather is still very warm. When you get a chance hop on over and check out my blog. I'm a fairly newbie ;)

    1. I love your blog it's super cute! I have never been to Canada or California but I would love to go to both! They seem like gorgeous places! And I agree there weren't really good sales this weekend which was disappointing but definitely helped the wallet.

  6. I am so happy for fall shows starting and having a dvr too! I love shoes and 25 cent sharpies I wish I had known about! I need some new ones!

    1. I went and splurged on the paint pen sharpies this weekend too. They were on sale for 50% off at A.C. Moore. I initially went in for just two. Then I couldn't pass them up and I bought every color. A whopping 15 of them. Oops! Now I have some great supplies for Monday Made It next month!

  7. I was just reading that the actual storage bidders hate the show because now people have come out of the woodwork to bid on things. I look forward to fall too, unfortunately it hits here around November-so a long time to wait.


    1. I would imagine they would hate it. Doesn't come to a shock to me. Ooh not til November that is a long ways away. It is already starting to get cooler and I love it!

  8. Love fall, new shoes, and sharpies!! Glad I found your blog can't wait to read more.
    The Resource(ful) Room

    1. Thanks so much for following! I love your blog too!

  9. Very cute frame!
    I Love My Classroom


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