Monday, August 5, 2013

J is for... {Giveaway Day 10} & Monday Made It!

 ***Be sure to read to the end of the post to enter my bloggy birthday alphapalooza giveaway!***

It's already the 5th of August! Yikes! Less than a month until back to school! That means it's time to kick it into high gear to get ready for the start of school! I was quite the slacker in July for Monday Made It. Now, I have some serious catching up to do to get ready in time! 

I wanted to create something that has been on my to do list for weeks now! (And something that I knew I wouldn't mess up *cough* *cough*) Those Copy, Grade, File drawers! However, it seemed that every place I looked had the ridged drawers and that wasn't going to work for me. I found a set at Walmart this weekend that were just what I had been looking for! I knew it was a Monday Made It meant to be moment! 

I got right to work whipping up a set of labels to put on those drawers and I am obsessed with how they turned out! I used the same papers as in my blog design for the creation so they are all matchy matchy. Love, love, love! Like seriously in love! Check them out for yourself below! 

I did an impromptu photo shoot using my fur rug as a backdrop. Pretty professional right? Well there you have it! Some blog design inspired drawer labels! Here are the papers that I used for the project if you are curious. Will you be making a set to match your blog design?

Thanks so much for hosting once again Tara! The crafting inspiration through this linky is endless!  Head on over to see what everyone else was up to this week!

Now back to the regularly scheduled giveaways!

Background and frames by Lovin-Lit
Alphabet Blocks by Sonya Dehart

The third giveaway has ended and there were 2 winners! Were you one of the lucky ladies?

How funny that Cara won the other letter C giveaway? It must have been paying her back for donating so many fabulous prizes to the giveaway! 

 Congrats Beth! I am sure these prizes will inspire some wonderful resources to create for the classroom!

I will be contacting you both in with your prize information shortly! Expect an e-mail from me soon!

Don't you want to be a lucky winner like these lovely ladies? Be sure to enter each day, as many entries as you are allowed! Just one isn't enough! You want all the odds stacked in your favor! Here are the links to the previous days to catch up if you missed any!

Today's giveaway features a trio of insanely creative people!

70 clip art sets to choose from!

If only all substitute teachers were as phenomenal as Tanja! 

I am obsessed with bucket filling and this pack is just too cute to pass up! 

 Just enter on the Rafflecopter to be the lucky winner of these three prizes! 

Are you sure it wouldn't be fair to win my own giveaway? Just kidding! Good luck! See you tomorrow for another chance to win some back to school goodies!


  1. This song is constantly stuck in my head or being belted out by one of my children or I at the beginning of the year when we're discussing moon phases! It's called the moon phase rap!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

  2. The drawer labels look fabulous!

  3. Love your Made it Monday =) giveaways are a bonus =)

  4. Favorite jams in the classroom: Tootie Ta, Countdown to Blast Off, pretty much any Jack Hartman.

  5. Great giveaway. Love how cute your container turned out. I love Mark D. Pencil

  6. I love the drawers you made for your classroom.

  7. I really NEED to use more music in my classroom, but my kiddos always love Dr. Jean songs!

  8. Those drawer labels are adorable! Will you be posting them in your TpT store?!?
    I would love to use them in my classroom!

    I've used Dr. Jean songs and Jack Hartmann in my classroom.

  9. I don't use much music in my classroom, but when I do they love it!

  10. We are HUGE Just Dance Kids fans for recess (we only have outside recess twice a week...insane I know) and I am obsessed with Harry Kindergarten and he is found jamming in our room daily!

  11. Harry Kindergarten, Dr. Jean, and the old classics of Sharon, Lois and Bram, Raffi, and Fred Penner!
    Debra (

  12. We don't do a lot of singing in the classroom, but sometimes on Friday afternoons when we are doing art, I let them listen to the radio!

  13. I am NOT a singing kind of girl, but we loved a verb rap last year!

  14. Lol, I do not carry a tune well, so being in an upper grade singing was usually saved for birthdays!!

  15. Anything Dr. Jean!

  16. We sing a lot in my room. I have several song books I use. One of the first things I am going to teach them is a special "pigeon house" song that we will sing every day just before we go home. It has cute hand motions. My grandmother taught it to me when I was their age so that is why it is so special.

  17. We sing so much in my classroom I can't list them all, but we sing a hello song, then days of the week, months of the year and a song with classroom directions (assis, debout-sit down/stand up), song about animals, colors and general French nursery rhymes/songs (called "comptines").

  18. Dr. Jean & Heidi were big hits last year.

  19. We sing a lot of Schoolhouse Rock songs :)

  20. I sing a "name" song every single time I pass out a paper so they don't forget to write their name. We also listen to Jack Hartman songs on rainy day recesses!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties

  21. Your giveaway is great! Thanks for everything!!

  22. I love Dr. Jean's CD's.

  23. I teach 3rd and I have a test prep song that is Addams Family - I sing that ALOT!


  24. We listen to anything by Dance Kids to get the wiggles out! :)

  25. Is it horrible to say that we do not all? We do listen to Baby Mozart though :)
    My Second Sense

  26. I don't use much music in my classroom but we do some skip counting and money songs.

  27. Our favorite classroom jam is Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes to get them up and about.



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